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WTFluck grilled baby?!? Who would put a baby on a grill like that??? WTF! [pic]

July 2nd, 2010

wtf grilled kid on grill baby
Ok seriously now, even in jest, someone actually took the time to put their baby on a grill and cognizantly take a camera and snap a picture. but for what?!?
Apparently for nothing else but someone to come along and say WTF are you doing putting that baby on a grill for ANY REASON ?!?
And for all you naysayers, this is DEFINITELY not shopped. I’m a photoshop guy myself, and the baby’s reflection in the chrome drip plate underneath the grating is for REAL.
so that makes it even worse…


WTFluck?!? Little girl loves Satan?

July 1st, 2010

baby girl love satan santa cute wtf

What the Fluck?!? What are these kids learning in school?
Little Girl loves Satan?!? WTF?


WTFluck Gangsta Kid?!? What set you run wit?!? WTF?

June 25th, 2010

wtf gangsta kid inappropriate ghetto gold cash
Hey little playa, did daddy give you all that money for toys and candy?
Daddy must got it like that…
but back to reality… in all seriousness, WTF?!?